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Clean Touch Carpet Cleaning Venice CA

A spotlessly clean home is just another item on the to-do list for some and an obsession to the others. either way, who would not like to step into a house that looks attractive and clean? Right from its look to the aroma in the house, everything hits our senses when one cross his/her house’s threshold.But people who handle cleaning the cleaning of their houses will tell you the woes associated with cleaning the rugs, carpets and curtain in the house.

Green Clean Touch Carpet Cleaning Venice CA

Clean touch carpet cleaning venice, CA has been a leading provider of impeccable house cleaning services for more than 5 years now. So, if it is time for you to polish the floor tiles, or if you want the rugs and carpets thoroughly dusted, you should definitely contact us! We have our own team of skilled and certified workers who are highly trained in all of these tasks. Their work can also be vouched for by the bonds that are in place for each and every worker.

Get your carpets and rugs cleaned, not your wallets!

Owning a carpet and a rug is a luxury. Maintaining them from time to time need not cost as much as a luxury! Using state of the art equipment and techniques, we ensure that your carpets and rugs remain spotless and free from dust, allergens, dirt, grime and anything else that dirties the carpet. We can deliver unbelievably good services without wasting too much electricity and water, thanks to our skilled workers and modern gadgets that get the work done easily. So, don’t hesitate to spread out that plush carpet in your living room! When you need a real good Carpet Cleaning, just call us and we will be there in an instant for you!

Adding sparkle to the air ducts

This task is not as easy as it sounds. It involves more than pouring buckets of water and wiping a rag over the slots in each air duct/vent. The right detergents need to be used to ensure the panes are cleaned to perfection and that too without any damage to it! So no matter what kind of property it is – residential or commercial – we are there for you to clean the air vents and the overall HVAC unit, both wide and small! Right from scrubbing away the dirt, grime and soot that accumulates in the ridges of the vent to polishing them, a complete routine is always followed by a skilled team at Clean Touch Carpet Cleaning Venice CA.

Smooth floors!

The tiles placed on floors tend to get worn out the fastest because they always subjected to dirt, sand, etc. that get stuck to our shoes or feet. Dirty floors not only look ugly, but are also a tarrying place for harmful bacteria and other organisms to breed! So don’t take a chance, call our team carpet cleaning venice ca and we will be there to expertly clean your floors. So combined with well dusted carpets and rugs and sparkling windows, your house will not only look great, it will also smell great.

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